Restaurant Cookhouse Paraga, Apollona, Rhodes

Apollona village of Rhodes is located on the southeastern side of the hill of Prophet Elias, only 50km from the capital of the island, the homonymous Rhodes and very close to the highest mountain of the island Attavyros ! In an evergreen area surrounded by wild pines, cypresses and the local olive groves that give unique olive oil every year, Apollona emerges with an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 71 square kilometers, an altitude of 330 meters and a total population of 1005 inhabitants. According to the most prevalent interpretation, the name of the village seems to come from the ancient greek god Apollon.

Administratively, the village belongs to Kameiros municipal unit of the Municipality of Rhodes. The village still preserves some beautiful traditional Rhodian houses in excellent condition and besides the beautiful nature the visitor can see the church of the village, visit the folklore museum, the traditional water mill and various ancient temples and nydrias. The inhabitants of Apollona mainly deal with agriculture, livestock and beekeeping. Various local cultural clubs are active in the village of Apollona, which are contributing substantially to the visibility of the village as well as to the enhancement of the cultural heritage of Apollona with their rich activity.

It is worth visiting Apollona and taste the authentic flavors of Rhodian cuisine in one of the best restaurants of Rhodes, the Paraga Restaurant and Cookhouse located near the entrance of the village !

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